How can an Institute ERP Benefit Schools?

Implementing software as important as a school ERP might be overwhelming for institutions that have never used virtual solutions to education, but it still remains an irreplaceable part of schools, colleges and universities that help them in the efficient management of school activities.

Recently, institutions are using enterprise resource planning for not only everyday tasks but also multiple internal and external management to control student teacher activity, record data and basically build a centralised system for all stakeholders to rely on. they must be able to reach this at their fingertips and enhance educational standards.  here are a few other features required in the ERP to explore its full potential:

  • Learning management system
  • Admission management portals
  • Course Browsers, Curriculum details
  • Communication platforms
  • Library and inventory management
  • Online free portals
  • Biometrics, attendance manager
  • Transportation tracking

But to completely understand the positive outcomes of implementing an educational ERP, schools need to know the following benefits:

Economical Investment

Investing in the teachers, school staff and the general workforce all over the school can be expensive since they need to clock in and do manual work during school hours. Taking attendance, recording and storing data, checking papers, grading and piling information, are all specific activities that require complete concentration and human effort. With the help of artificial intelligence and computerised processing, the school can save a lot of time and cost on the employees that do these tasks.

Smooth Decision Making

An ERP assists in prompt decision-making.  It can generate a lot of information in a shorter span of time. Since it is the central piece for all features like an admission portal and student data, it can print results, send notifications, store administrative details, and also process payments. It helps the school management, teachers and students take a decision quickly and improve their productivity rate. When tasks run smoothly all over, students and teachers are encouraged to work confidently and harder towards their academic progress.

Virtual Data Storage 

Institutions store bulk details on students, their examinations, inventories, grade over the years, improvement strategies implemented by teachers, personalised records, and so much more. Both the school and the students must be able to access their information without posing a threat to their privacy. An efficient institute always ensures that the virtual data recorded has a real-time upload rate, with complete security options.  Password-protected login for students is recommended when using LMS portals.

Communication Hub

Effective communication is now possible among teachers, parents and students with chat groups or the school’s personal portal. A school usually updates students on notifications and other announcements to establish a clear communication line. This reduces the long waiting time to go to school the next day, they can instead now clear doubts online.

More Teaching time- Better Productivity

When a teacher spends less time doing trivial manual work, they lose out on spending quality educational time with their students. This learning duration increases when simple activities like attendance marking, schedule planning, and student data recording our executive by an institute ERP.

How to Choose an ERP?

Now that schools realise how is replaceable an enterprise resource planning software is, these tips can help them guide on choosing an ERP meant for their institution:

  • Create a table of features your school needs, by keeping in mind everyday school activities and departments that will benefit most.
  • An ERP can be cloud storage, on-premise or even hybrid. Depending on your school’s infrastructure, and budget size, you need to decide on the deployment.
  • Not every feature is a perfect fit for your institute’s ERP. Some need to be heavily personalised to match student and teacher demands. Integrate these options before introducing this in your school.
  • Keep in touch with customer support for portal bugs.
  • Train school management and teachers to help them utilise the institute ERP to its fullest potential.
  • Maintain a record of updates made in the already existing ERP to track which changes improved educational quality in the institute.



It might not be easy for students to use an updated ERP. Once their school launches it, with time, as they observed an improvement in their productivity levels, they would soon start enjoying the benefits all the same.

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