How to Find Someone with Their Phone Number

With the use of the Internet, anything can be easily done in the modern technological world. The Internet allows you to search for anyone using any information you may already know about them, like their name, address, phone number, or any other relevant information.

When a parent is concerned about their child, they typically wish to know where they have been and where they are at all times. Fortunately, mobile technology and GPS make it possible to find out exactly where they are.

In fact, these technological developments have advanced to the point that it is now easy to pinpoint a person’s exact location.

So, in this post, we’ll take a closer look at a few of the applications that have made phone monitoring incredibly simple.

Ways to Find Someones With the Help of Phone Number

Below are some of the top mobile number trackers with google maps that many users prefer to use because of their rich features and user-friendly UI. You may also take a look at them below and choose any one for yourself.

1. Find My iPhone

All iPhones come with the in-built Find My iPhone app, which allows you to find any iPad or iPhone that is linked to your Apple ID. A stolen or lost smartphone can also be remotely locked or erased with this app.

Simply sign into with an Apple ID and select the Find iPhone application to access Find My iPhone. You can then choose the device that you wish to track and view a map showing its location.

2. Find My Device

All Android phones come with a built-in app called Find My Device. You can use it to find any Android device connected to your Google account. Moreover, with the help of this program, you may remotely lock or erase a stolen or misplaced smartphone.

All you need to do is visit and log in with a Google account in order to use Find My Device. You can then choose the device that you wish to track and view a map showing its location.

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3. mSpy

The main purposes of the location tracking program mSpy were employee and parental management. You may use this software for monitoring social media activity and setting up geofencing alerts. Also, for seeing call and text logs, and tracking the precise position of a target device.

You must download and install mSpy on the target device in order to utilize it. After installation, the app works in the background and continuously monitors the device’s location. Any web browser can access the mSpy dashboard to see the location information.

mSpy provides a number of additional functions along with location tracking, including the ability to trace internet history, block particular websites, and remotely manage the target device.

One thing to keep in mind is that mSpy is a paid application, with monthly membership costs starting at $29.99. Furthermore, it’s crucial to use mSpy sensibly and solely for legal objectives.

4. eyeZy

The eyeZy app is what you need if you want to know where people are all the time. The GPS location tracking features of eyeZy allow you to track the whereabouts of a target iOS or Android device in real time. The app very accurately pinpoints the location of a target device on a map.

Along with conveying the device’s current location, eyeZy takes a step ahead and displays every location the device has been on a map. Setting up Geofence alerts is another feature that makes eyeZy a fantastic location tracker, particularly for parents. You can set a region on the map with this function. If the device moves out or into this zone, you will receive an immediate notification.


It is easy and hassle-free to track someone’s whereabouts and see their device activity via a mobile number tracker. Furthermore, it is efficient, safe, and private. You may track someone for weeks, days, or even months. With the aid of the aforementioned tools, it is simple to keep an eye on a cell phone in real-time and even track the whole movement history of a target phone. On the aforementioned apps, you can find out someone’s location and where they’ve been in just a few simple steps.

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